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AulosQ THZWith your membership in the association „Friends of the Aulos Quartett“ you will support the artistic work of the Aulos Quartett. The members of the association are informed about the activities of the ensemble and will be offered additional opportunities such as free tickets or reserved seats for concerts. Members have the possibility to purchase any CD of the Quartett at the special price.

Facebook: Freunde des Aulos Quartett

Member contributions per year:

Individual member:CHF 50. --Students:CHF 25. --Collective member:CHF 250. --Sponsor:CHF 250. --


Christoph Huber
Murhubelstr. 6
CH-6234 Triengen
Tel/Fax: 0o41 41 320 75 93
e-mail:  christoph.huber@sunrise.ch

Bank account:

Luzerner Kantonalbank, 6002 Luzern
PC: 60-41-2
IBAN: CH70 0077 8010 0649 8700 8
"Freunde des Aulos Quartetts"